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  • Braamfontein Spruit

    Braamfontein Spruit flat final

    Currently working on this A1 piece for the ladies over at It’s a Go!
    A great concept to highlight conservation of a local park. If you’re in the area, show your support over at the Braamfontein Spruit on spring day.

  • Mascot Development

    • masc 1
    • masc 2
    • masc 3
    • masc 4

    Working on a Mascot with the amazing guys over at Fandam Studios.
    Can’t say what the mascot or who the client is, but beleive me as soon as this project is done, it’s going right up!

  • Bounty Arms Character Renders (Drake)

    BA Character Rendering – Drake Mass

  • Bounty Arms Character Renders (Goober)

    Goober Character Render

  • Bounty Arms Character Renders (Mewt)

    Here are a few of the Character Renders done for BA.

  • Scateboard Designs

    JR F

    Did a few skateboard designs for folks in Seattle. I’ll drop in the final designs as soon as I have the final go-ahead along with some older ‘board designs.

  • Bounty Arms Gameplay

    Man, been working on this self starter on and off for the last 3 years. Finally the (Insanely talented!!!) guys at Open Reset found a publisher (Kerosene) and I’m proud to say that BA is now available on the Apple Store.

    The work for BA showcased on my site isn’t my best work (considering most of it was done for free, and rushed as ideas were needed), but nonetheless, I’m extremely proud to be part of this project. Learned a lot and met some talented people along the way.
    Be awesome and show your support for local game development :)

  • Welcome to my new website

    Easy to navigate, easy to update. Let’s collectively hope that I’ll actually update this puppy at least once a year!

    I decided not to clutter the site with absolutely every style I can do or old work, so if you’d like to see more, or uncertain if I can pull off something you’re brewing in that head of yours, just drop me line.